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Content Management System

We at WebX Design Studio recognize the importance of information in any communication. Every business enterprise wish that they should be able to communicate all its information to their customers in a seamless and continuous manner over the internet.

Content Management System (CMS) works like a tool which is used to control the content of a dynamic website. These contents may be text, images, files, web links. The processes which fall under CMS include creation, publishing, organization, storing and maintenance of any and all content on the website. Content managers can easily handle such systems as they are very easy to handle. Such content management services distinguish between content & visuals and page structure. Thus structural designs can be changed regularly without affecting content and placeholders. Similarly, content can be updated without affecting design.

Looking at the costly content management systems available in the market, WebX Design Studio has developed it’s own content management system. Our clients who use our services for CMS, can modify their contents like text, images and files on the websites themselves. They don’t require any support for this. WebX Design Studio integrates this feature for their clients on their request and they feel it very economical.

Content Management System Features:

Apart from their own CMS services WebX Design Studio also provide following CMS integration services with PHP: