Free Stock Photo Sources Providing Quality Images

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Free Stock Photo Sources Providing Quality Images for Personal & Commercial Use

Finding a good, free stock photo can be a pain. How many times have you come across a website that offered lots of images for free download, but the lion’s share of the content was hardly worthy of attention? Forget about low-res amateur pictures and costly files. Today we offer for your consideration free stock photo sources, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes.

High-quality visual content is the solid foundation of a competitive web resource. But finding the right images and stock photos can be more time-consuming than it may appear. Of course, we can always take photos by ourselves, hire professional photographers or buy a license at a stock image site. There are a variety of online resources that provide stock photos for public use, but most of them are either of inferior quality or old enough that photos were relegated to a public domain. You will not find any of the aforementioned stuff on this list.

  1. iStockPhoto provides photos, illustrations, video, audio and editorial files, all available for free download. To get access to the weekly updated gallery, you need to be registered first.
  2. 123rf is a great repository for royalty free photos. The gallery features romantic, grunge, sensual, fashion, beach, antique, and many other collections of free stuff for your consideration.
  3. PhotoPin helps bloggers find free quality images on any topic by using advanced search. What’s more, you can filter files by commercial and non-commercial, depending on the end user’s requirements.
  4. Foter has all the images you may need. The library includes over 220 million free stock photos for any online media. The images are mostly taken from Flickr, so attribution is required.
  5. Life of Pix provides free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. The gallery is updated every week. Images can be used for any project of yours, either personal or commercial.
  6. IM Creator offers photos on different topics, from all around the world. Free for personal and commercial purposes, any picture can be found via advanced search.
  7. MorgueFile is well-known as one of the oldest and richest online image repositories. The website requires no membership. Any file can be found via live search or by tag. To download an image, simply click it and download from the same screen.
  8. Pixabay boasts a rich selection of free vectors and free drawings along with offering a wide selection of quality free photos. All files can be used in personal and commercial projects.
  9. Public Domain Pictures is a repository for free pictures by amateur photographers. If you download files for commercial purposes, double check the disclaimer since some pictures may require a property release.
  10. Raumrot offers a selection of hand-picked and high-resolution photos in different styles and on various topics including Business, Food & Drink, Mountain, Nature, Seasonal, Sport, and more. You can use their files for personal or commercial purposes. Take note that some rights are reserved.
  11. Gratisography can bring a breath of fresh air into any design project. All pictures were taken by photographer Ryan McGuire. The gallery is updated weekly.
  12. Stockvault boasts a truly impressive gallery. With over 50,000 files, their gallery includes photos, textures, objects, and renders.
  13. Magdeleine is a free photo repository that was made super-easy to search. If you visit the website, you can find a filter allowing you to search not only by category but also by colors and license. Simply put, here you can find free images taken by different photographers from all around the web.
  14. Rgbstock is offering free quality images after create a free account with just one click. If you are keen on photography, you can upload your own gallery there. Experienced staff will carefully examine each file either leaving it on the site or rejecting it. By doing this, only high-quality photos are exposed in public.
  15. Compfight is offering images through Flickr’s galleries using Flickr API. The platform was tailored for the efficient location of images for blogs, inspiration and research.
  16. FreeMediaGoo is a rich repository for quality free stock photo backgrounds and images that developers can use in print, TV, Internet or other projects.
  17. Public Domain Archive is a hub for all high quality public domain images that its founder Matt has ever come across on the web.
  18. PicJumbo is developed by Viktor Hanáček back in 2013, it’s boasts a rich selection of high-quality images for personal and commercial use. For easier navigation, categories menu and tag cloud were organized in a side menu. You can follow updates right on the site or have them emailed weekly.
  19. SplitShire is founded by Daniel Nanescu. Being a photographer himself, Daniel shares free stock photos that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. High-quality images on Abstract, Animals, Nature, Automotive, People, Street life, and many other categories can be found on his site.
  20. The Pattern Library shares a valuable collection of patterns provided by talented designers from all over the world.
  21. Pickup Image offers a valuable collection of free public domain images, all of which can be downloaded and modified without asking permission.
  22. Good Free Photos offers a valuable collection of free public domain images, all of which can be downloaded and modified without asking any permissions.


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