How to Get Free Traffic to a Website or a Blog?

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A constant flow of visitors and traffic is a dream of many a website or a blog owner. But, where to find them? – Some would ask. The answer is – it isn’t difficult to find them at all… or in this case, they find you. Millions of people are online every minute, and there are many ways to get at least a fraction of those visiting your website or your blog. You don’t have to spend huge sums advertising either. In fact, no money has to be spent to grow traffic at all! There are many effective and proven methods of attracting free website traffic.

Below is a huge list of the best tips to boost traffic to your website. I have kept these short, to the point and easily understandable.

20 Best Ways to Get Free Traffic to a Website or a blog?

  1. Blog: Create a blog on blogger or WordPress and link it to your website, and update it on regular basis with new article(s) and post(s).
  2. Comments: You should have to comment on other blogs and insert your website link in the comments or “website box” (if the blog allows it).
  3. Forums: Signup with forums related to your website or blog and post your link in the signature area, and spend some time regularly answering questions and helping people.
  4. Facebook: Create a Facebook page as a social counterpart for your website or blog and post some of activities related to your website or blog.
  5. URL Submission: Submit your website or blog URL to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines or free directories.
  6. Feed Burner: Setup Feed burner on your blog, and add a subscribe widget at the top of your sidebar.
  7. Newsletter: Create a free newsletter at sites such as Mail chimp, and add an email subscribe box to your website or blog.
  8. Images: Use proper ALT or Title for images on your site or blog, and tag and name them accordingly. This will help you receive traffic from Google Image Search.
  9. Cross Posting: Take advantage of cross-posting, such as setting up Facebook to post updates to Twitter.
  10. LinkedIn: Create a Linkedin profile and join Linkedin groups and share your post(s).
  11. Twitter: Create a Twitter profile and post(s) there regularly.
  12. Infographics: Create infographics, post them at your blog and include a code snippet for reposting. Also encourage sharing at social networks.
  13. Answer your own blog comments and questions: This will encourage interaction and repeat visitors.
  14. Email signatures: Look for the setting to add your email signature in all outgoing emails. Include a website link or banner there.
  15. Press Releases: Distribute an online press release about your website.
  16. Popular Posts or Articles: Having this widget in your sidebar will direct traffic to your most popular articles.
  17. Link Exchanges: Try to exchange links with websites in the same niche as yours.
  18. Site Map: Add a site map to your website so search engine robots can crawl it easily.
  19. Responsive Website: Your website or blog should be a responsive website or a responsive blog. This will ensure visitors on all devices and browsers can view your website properly.
  20. Update Often: This works especially well for blogs. Keep it updated with fresh, quality content.
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